Name: Benjamin S. Valle
Place of Birth: Manila,Philippines
Citizenship: Filipino
Religion: Catholic
Civil Status: Married
Height:1.6m       Weight:55kg
Elementary: Paco Catholic School 1960-67
High School: Araullo High School
College: Technological University of the Philippines Ayala Blvd, City of Manila
Course:  Electronics Communications (undergraduate) 1971-74
Work Experience:
1974-75 Technician, Solid Industries Corporation
               Repair Technician of Radio, TV sets and other consumer electronics.
1975-76 Technician, Datagraphics Inc.
               Repair and maintenance of Canon brand office equipment.
1976-83 Instrument Technician, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation, Batangas
               Maintenance and repair of process instruments in an oil refinery.
1. Conventional Instrumentation: Pneumatic controllers, transmitters
               recorders and actuators. The 70's equipment was mostly pneumatic
               made by Foxboro, Honeywell and Fisher.
2. Safeguarding and shutdown systems: System logic used electrical relays
               and timers and hard wired logic.
               Digital tank gauging used telephone relays.
3. Quality measuring instruments. Instruments measuring composition,
               chemical and physical properties of process streams.
               Sample handling was basic and onstream
               and analyzers required daily maintenance.
1983-88   Senior Instrument Technician, Yanbu Petromin Refinery, KSA
               Maintenance and repair of process instruments in an oil refinery
1. Conventional Instrumentation: Foxboro Spec 200 electronic instruments.
               Control room instruments were electronic including safeguarding,
               alarm and shutdown systems.
2. Offsite instruments: Varec and Enraf tank gauges and gasoline and
               LPG blending facilities with turbine flow metering.
               Calibration of custody transfer instruments with meter provers.
3. Laboratory and online analyzers: pH, oxygen, density, color, viscosity, etc.
               Better sample handling systems reduced the frequency of maintenance.
1992-99 Instrument Workshop and Training Supervisor at Shell MDS Malaysia Berhad
               Regional Senior Staff of Shell Malaysia:
1. Conventional Instrumentation: Commission of Demineralization Plant
               equipped with a Siemens Programmable Logic Controller.
               Commission an Air Liquide 2,500 tons per day Oxygen Plant.
               Commission a Wax Production Unit controlled by Siemens PLCs.
2. Analyzers: ABB Gas and Liquid Chromatograph.
               ABB Vista Workstation Analyzer Data acquisition system with Statistical
               Quality Control Package. Analyzers are networked and can be validated
               or calibrated from the control room. The SQC package helped maintain
               critical analyzers availability above 90%.
               ABB online Mass Spectrometer
Area Gas Monitoring, Fire And Smoke Detection System
               Infrared Gas Analyzers, Viscosity, Flashpoint, Vapor Pressure
3. Maintenance of Laboratory Apparatus:
               Herzog Distillation and Flash point Tester
               HP 5890 Gas and Liquid Chromatograph.
               Miscellaneous Lab equipment including Vapor Pressure,
               Vapor loss, Penetrometer, Viscometer, Bomb Calorimeter.
4.Workshop Supervisor and Trainer:
               Implemented a system of Calibration where results are acquired and
               documented automatically based on Fluke DPC and Rosemount AMS.
               Conducted classroom and on the job basic instrument
               training for Operations Technicians. Devised and implemented
               a progression scheme for Instrument Technicians and the
               methodology to measure performance.
               Supervised workshop overhaul and repair of instruments.
5. Safety:  Gas Test Inspector for toxic and flammable gases.
2002-07 Site Manager for I&E Analyzer Preventive Maintenance Contract
               at Petron Bataan Refinery, Limay Bataan.
1. Preventive Maintenance of 90 Analyzers and 75 Gas Detectors
               Trained and supervised 6 fitters in analyzer maintenance.
               Created repair program for failed analyzers = 78 of 90 Analyzers
               Created for each type of instrument a method for PM and Validation  
               Created a PM program for analyzers with the goal of
               maintaining analyzer availability above 85%.
               Created a system for evaluating employee performance.
               Customized the Fluke DPC as Analyzer Data Acquisition System.
               Repaired the area gas detection system
               Rationalize the use of Calibration Gas, where different analyzers
               use a single calibration gas. For example, 34 oxygen analyzers use
               a single cylinder for zero check. UHP Hydrogen is used as carrier gas.
               When the pressure drops >6bar, the remaining gas is used to check
               H2 purity and density analyzers.
2. Safety Manager:
               As Safety Manager, achieved a 100% safety record of 100,000
               manhours w/o LTA of the maintenance group.
               Conducted weekly safety talks on the hazards common to
               analyzer maintenance. Ignition protection of electrical equipment,
               toxic and flammable gases handling were given emphasis.
               Instill the work ethic where getting a job done is not enough.
               Doing it safely is the goal.
2009-present: Lecturer on Instrumentation: Mechatronics Technologies Corp.
                                     Mechatronics and Robotics Society of the Philippines
2011-present  Instruments Supervisor Industrial Controls Corporation
               Safety Manager
               Instrumentation Designer for the following projects:
               25MW Maibarara Geothermal Power Plant
               15MW Daneco HFO Peaking Power Plant
               10ML Maynilad Capistrano Reservoir and Pumping Station